Hdef Grids of Synthetic Spectra

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         The Hdef grids of synthetic stellar-atmosphere spectra of Keller et al. 2011 comprise far-UV, optical, and IR spectral regions and are suitable for the analysis of  H-deficient CSPNe of the [WC]-type hotter than 50kK and PG1159 stars. The grids were calculated with CMFGEN (Hillier and Miller 1998), a state of the art stellar-atmosphere code that properly treats the stellar winds, accounting for expanding atmospheres in non-LTE, line blanketing, and wind clumping. We include in the grids many ionic species that were previously neglected. They comprise a uniform set of models that fill a niche in an important parameter regime, i.e., high effective temperatures, high surface gravities, and a range of mass loss values and are available for download in this website through the links above.