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top source gk_dcm

result = gk_dcm(cm [, /reverse])

Loads gk_lib's discrete color maps (dcm). Library folder and subfolders must be in path for colormap files to be found.


cm in required type=string

Colormap ID: gk1, gk2, gk3, or gk4.


reverse in optional type=boolean

Reverses the colormap.


Let's load a colormap into a plotting routine: IDL> colormap=gk_dcm('gk1') IDL> iimage,dist(500),rgb_table=colormap

Now, for gk2: IDL> colormap=gk_dcm('gk2') IDL> iimage,dist(500),rgb_table=colormap

and gk3: IDL> colormap=gk_dcm('gk3') IDL> iimage,dist(500),rgb_table=colormap

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